We know you may have questions – so please read through our frequently asked questions to see if you can easily find an answer to what you are looking for:

How can I contact you?
The only true way to make sure I get your message is to email or call. There’s not always time to reply many questions posted on Facebook or Instagram .

How can I get an appointment?
Email Skinart67@gmail.com and we will reply with a list of questions that need to be answered to be considered a serious inquiry.

How much do you charge?
We don’t give quotes over email as there are many factors to determine price on a tattoo.

Where are you located?
I work at Finest Social Tattoo in City Heights, California.

When is your next opening?
Email or call, schedules is always in a flux, best way to know is to call.

How do I get on your waiting list?
I don’t have one.

Why haven’t you answered my email?
Sometimes I don’t have time, but if emails are not responded, then the next best is to call 619-415-3840.